Reefer and Dangerous Goods Container


Express Air Fastest Pacific Courier help our customer to find a best fit solution for their refrigerated products. The main commodities which need temperature controlled are Protein & Dairy, Fish & Seafood, Fruits & Vegetables, Bananas & Pines, and Pharmaceuticals. The refrigerated cargo industry relies very heavily on consistency. From predictable delivery schedules to temperatures being maintained at a predetermined constant throughout the cargo’s journey, cold chain solutions must cater to the growing needs of the industries.

Dangerous Cargo Handling, the IMDG (International Maritime Dangerous Goods) code is a set of rules and regulations that have set an industry standard for safely practicing the movement of Dangerous Cargo through international territories. Express Air Fastest Pacific Courier follows the IMDG code stringently, taking proactive measures to protect the environment while carrying these dangerous goods.


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